Review: Microsoft Live Mail Beta

I saw a little sign on my hotmail telling me to try out Microsoft Live Mail Beta, and I was thinking that hotmail needed improvement anyways. So why not try it out, and they probably wouldnt release a Beta if it wasnt good.


I was completely off! Hotmail was a bit annoying sometimes, but Microsoft Live is completely missing basica features! U seriously can operate an email normally! They have two different views the Hotmail looking view or the Microsoft Outlook looking view for Microsoft Live. And neither have better functionality then the normal Hotmail.


  • When you compose an email you dont have access to quick contacts, you have to go to your full contact list and choose a bunch.
  • You cant pull emails from your pop-account.
  • You cant go back to your old hotmail setup, because you have access to sign up to live later. So Im stuck with it until they fix things.
  • There is no “Not Junkmail Button”
  • It is difficult to edit your contact list.
  • Whats the point of making it ajax when everything has to keep loading up!
  • You cant just save one message being sent like before. It will make you go into settings to save all the sent messages or none.

Im going to go nuts here! I cant go back, because then I cant use the full functioning site! I will just have to shift everything to gmail now. Thank you Microsoft more making me hate your product more.

The only reason it got half a point is because I could still access my email!

Rating: r0.5.bmp

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  1. It doesnt work like Gmail! At all! Im telling you its horrible! It has to keep loading up everything! unlike gmail which is smooth and amazing!

  2. I quit Hotmail ages ago! I mean last year when my main hotmail email got hacked into, I just gave up after Hotmail refused to even bother replying to my emails asking them to return my email address to me! I mean seriously what kind of service is that! And now I’m an avid Gmail user, been using it for 2 years now and I’m a happy customer.. there are minor things to fix here and there but they are on their way.. I was just wondering until when are they remaining Beta LOL!

  3. Mayari

    Aha. Never tried this before..

    I mostly use Novell Groupwise for important emails and university stuff..

    hotmail for messenger and emails from friends.
    Thanks for the review :P big NO NO to Microsoft Window Live mail beta!

  4. Jackie: I totally understand how you feel! Hotmail sucks sometimes, but it has been my main email for 8 years! But Gmail Rocks!!!

    Mayari: Yes. DO NOT change to Microsoft Live Beta! It sucks!

  5. I wanted to give it a try but after looking at the screenshots it seemed to just like a web-based Outlook so I didn’t even bother.

  6. I avoid any Microsoft product as much as possible. I’m a Linux user at home for 2 years now and my blood pressure has never been more stable :b

    I only kept my Hotmail account for historical reasons! I had it since 1997 and my MSN Messenger list is way too big to dump.

    Viva La Google! All hail GMail! W00T!!

  7. 3baid: Good job! Dont switch over.

    Devlish: I wish I could Yahoo mail beta! Its probably great!

    MBH: I love linux! Its fantastic if you can get all the software you need. But yes! Viva La Google!

  8. Lol!The first Time I tried it I almost cried I thought I was stuck with it then I immediately switched back to normal hotmail with a 250 mb inbox and yea it might look a bit like gmail but it certainly dosen’t work that way a lot of stuff takes forever to load ah.. it’s frustrating
    am giving it 0 stars

  9. I totally agree. I was turned off Live Mail also. I don’t use hotmail/live email as my main email address anyway, but i agree that it is missing some common features that should be there. Deleting multiple emails is a bit of a task also, you can just highlight them with your keyboard and click delete, but that really is something that needs to be made easier. I myself didn’t see any checkboxes or anything for multiple email deletion, am i blind or something?

  10. Orange Juice: I agree with you! Its horrible, but if you switch back you loose the chance to use there new interface! I hope its better then this or I will be forever switching to Gmail, but I have had this email for too long!

    Justin: Your completely right! Its impossible to delete multiple emails! you have to go and click each one.. one by one! But atleast the search is better! But still the way this is working right now, its making me hate it a lot!

  11. Fatality

    3/4 of what you said is wrong.

  12. Fatality: what was wrong. I only wrote what I experienced. Not sure what part your talking.

  13. Stiko

    actually u can go back to the old version…go to option and select it ..u’ll fill a questionaire where u can write your points….and that’s it

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