TriStar Outing

This was a very interesting event! I mentioned the other week that there was a motorcycle meet and everyone was welcome to join. Well it was fun and an interesting way meet. We all met up at Tri Star motorcycle opposite Khaleejeya Complex. i got there by 8:40pm. I felt nice and hot. There were about 6 motorcycles parked up front so I parked next to them and kept saying hello to people, and being introduced for the first time. There were different types of bikes in this meet, not just BMWs and Ducatis, but really an interesting meet. It seemed like it was people of the same mentallity but just with different bikes.




I saw Jafar Behbehani and Salem from TriStar Motorcycles, and they were joining us on this adventure. And they were introducing me to people left and right to the point that I was forgeting the person’s name just after saying hello to the third person from the last name that I could remember. Basically mean I could only remember the names of the last three people I was introduced to! hehehe!

We moved out at around 9:20pm after waiting for Mr. Sury who graciously invited all of us to Pizza Hut in Bnaider for dinner. He was even nice enough to pay for gas for everyone that was filling up. Now this man seemed interesting to me, and I was wondering what he did for a living. But I could only go through so many people and ask question. When we left we all went to Mansooriya Gas Station to fill up our tanks, but I already filled up when I was leaving since my tank was empty in the first place. So we were about twelve bikes and two cars. We formed a one glob of motorcycles going in two by two form. I was taking it easy since I was new to the group and I was trying not to figure out who is a good rider and who isnt so I stayed all the way in the back and taking my time. The one thing that annoyed the hell out of me is I forgot to charge my damn MP3 player, but I was thinking it was going to be interesting just riding with this group in Kuwait.



The other funny part was how I was probably the youngest guy there, and I wasn’t the one being a bit of an idiot. In a group that size there is always a person is bound to make mistakes or do something idiotic. And there was that one guy, but he wasnt too bad, and they had a talk with him that straightened things out. This group was an international group about 6 kuwaitis, one french guy, one Bosnian, one Ukranian, one Indian, and another guy I didnt have a chance to talk to who wasnt Kuwaiti. The youngest guy there other then myself was 29, but most of everyone was in there 30s or above.

After filling up gas we went together as a group down the second ring road which was full of cars since it was a wednesday night. And we all exited on the Malik Fahad Highway to Bnaider. Since there was still a lot of traffic we traveled in one line in between stationary traffic until we managed to get passed Bayan. After that the traffic opened up. We were cruising at around 100 kph in the beginning, and everyone was getting comfortable and were slowly passing other car, but a lot of cars were passing us. Then after passing Qurain we sped up and everyone was cruizing at 140 kph, which was perfect and I always kept watching behind me. There were always a couple of cars who wanted to bother us. But we were a big group and we sped away. Then after passing Fahaheel we were all cruising at 180kph we no cars in site. I was surprised some of those big bikes with stereos and GPS could even go that fast!

This group kept splitting into two three groups down the highway. And after a while I moved to the front and always keeping an eye on the back to see if Im braking too much, bothering anyone, and keeping an eye out for danger. I was following Jafar and Mr Sury, and for old guys they go pretty damn fast. When the road was completely clear and we were in the shalaihaat area a few of us started going pretty fast. I wanted to see how fast I could go and I managed to get about 271 Kph, but the Suzuki Hayabusa, and Kawasaki Ninja passed me but that is to be expected since they are more powerful.

We arrived at Bnaider and went into the inside roads which was fun on the curves! I wish there were more curved streets in Kuwait! it would be so much more fun! We got to Pizza Hut and had a huge table, but there were only two people working the front so they were over-whelmed. It was fun talking to all the different people, and finding out how they started riding and what they like about it! Im always interested to see what made people addicted to motorcycling. There was even a guy with his wife who came together which I think was great, and a guy who usually comes with his wife (french guy). And this French guy has been living in Kuwait for 17 years, which I was amazed to find out. A lot of foreigners really do enjoy living in Kuwait and the pace of life in Kuwait! After getting some food I decided that I needed to leave early so I wont get home late. I thanked Mr. Sury for the invitation and said goodbye to everyone and took off. Good times.










A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Amazing bikes! Saw a few Hayabusas (sp.)! As always, your Robo Bike :oP and the fe other BMWs! Bimmer pride!

  2. Cute :P At least you had fun right? right?

  3. im a harley groupie.. i like the idea of cruising as opposed to speed and the adrenaline rush:p

  4. Stallion: I just have bike pride! Im happy about anyone riding.

    Jackie: Yes it was a fun night! But next time I charge my mp3 player!

    extinct-dodo: More power to you! If you enjoy cruising then you should cruise! thats the way to do it! To each his own!

  5. your bike looks soo futuristic, rocks

  6. I think your helmet is the bomb! It reminds me of 5omaasi 5omaasi for some reason :) So you and another guy were the only 29yr olds and the rest were baby boomers? Thats a hell of an age difference! Im a little surprised at the group riding mentality. It seems to me that riding would be enjoyable mainly becuase you get to drive something fun and new and also because you get to think, both of which are individually enjoyed. Am I off here?

  7. Mark: thanks. All I need now is the black helmet with the black suit and Im there!! hehehehe!!

    ZinZinQ: No your not enough there! I love riding something knew its like a new discovery, and everytime you ride its different then every other time, and your mind is in a such an intense concentration, even when your thinking about different things you think of them thuroughly, but your concentration has to be totally on the road! To make sure your ready for anything that comes at you! Your operating at a higher plane. But yeah Im in my mid twenties and the other guy was 29, he was Bosnian, and everybody else was in their 30s and 40s which was cool.

  8. Huuufffttttttt !!
    I’ve been trying to comment on this post without saying anything too odd… but I can’t help it !!!
    awalan… glad u enjoyed ur time and u met all these cool ppl.. thaniyan I WANT A RIDE !!
    But finally and most importantly:
    Picture 9 from the top, sorry but the sign just got my attention and it cracked me up for no reason.. heheehe it must be the after math of all the tention yesterday !!

    Thanx for the early morning laughs :D

  9. DiiGMaa: I accept any comment you make! lol! Ur more then welcome to ride, they can even teach you! Its pretty simple once you get the basics down! And it seems you were the only one to notice the picture that I took! lol! hehehehehehe!

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  11. Asim

    Nice blog..and nice memories. I am one of “Bosnian” I was ride ZX 12 on this ride. Selam to al my biker friends at Kuwait:)

  12. Jasko

    Wow my bad to see this post years after….but i was there with silver Hayabusa and I would like to thanks for pictures that i never saw before. It was nice ride and lot of adrenaline after we get to open road. I sold that Busa and just about to buy a BMW (thats actually how i end up on this blog by searching Tristar shop online). Thanks to all for great night and hopefully going to repeat it again…more often.

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