Anime Currently Watching

Since fractal00 went into this subject, it requires a post on its own. These are all the animes that I am currently watching!

Blood +
Sousei no Aquarion
Fate Night Stay (Dling, havent watched yet)

Ghost in the Shell 2(series)
Shadow Skill (series)
Baki the Grappler

And I keep downloading more and more! Too many to keep up with, and I keep buying the ones I havent seen!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Dude with Fafner and Shadow Skill your in for a treat, Fate night stay was interesting but i will leave you to judge on it ..

    Btw u really should check these Arjento Soma and Last Exile if u havn’t already.

    PS: try if possible to compile a list of all ur anime collection …

  2. fractal00: If I tried posting my anime list, it would be pretty damn long. The other day I just tried thinking about it took me 45 minutes to right them down and I had to go the anime directory a few times to make sure I got them all down right. I know Fafner and Shadow Skill are going to be good, Im just saving it for a later point when its really boring! Im really interested to see Fate Nite Stay, and I have Last Exile all on DVD it was amazing!!! I will try to put together the full list, but Im trying to catogorize them into different parts. Its like a task that will take some time! lol!

  3. WOAH! No Full Metal Alchemist…that’s insulting:(
    My Favorites are:

    – Full Metal Alchemist
    – Ranma 1/2
    – Love Hina
    – Miason Ikkoku
    – His & Her Circumstances
    – Ghost in the Shell
    – Inuyasha
    – Conan (Talk about cliche)
    – and…ummmm…ahhh…Pokemon (I cannot help to change the channel when Cartoon Network airs it)

  4. Reminding me of a certain someone who is obsessed with Anime as well :/ Why are men such children? :/

  5. Yeah i know sorting my collection have been a heading .. just use excel to do that :D this way u can always go back to add or remove from it

  6. Hiiiiiiiii Jackie … be carefl .. Anime is not for children .. god how many more adults need to start wathcing anime before u people are convinced of that fact …

  7. Ooooo Fallen Angel … Full Metal Alchemist is a classic .. no need to mention it cos i think we all love it …

  8. I liked the first season of Baki, but then it went bizarre when he got older.

  9. Fallen Angel: I have seen Full Metal Alchemist and I love it! There is so much good anime out there! lol!

    Jacqui: Some of these anime’s have really complex plots, and very deep meaning. And thats why they arent just for kids!

    Fractal: I have my excelt sheet, but it isnt good enough. I need to build a mySQL database to keep a dynamic record of my anime and the categories! Because it keeps growing and growing and i dont keep up with the updating part! lol

    3baid: Baki gets better in the later stages and you understand it! Its pretty crazy and worth watching! I am completely addicted to it!

  10. I only recently got into the Anime world and the symbolism and attention to detail is amazing! It’s so not only for kids! Bil 3ax kids can’t appreciate it as much as adults can. I loved Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. I recently received Howl’s Moving Castle but haven’t watched it yet.

  11. Marzouq … whenever u finish your Sql thingie make sure u send it to me .. i want to use it for my collection … thanks in advance :)

  12. ZinZinQ8: There are a lot of movies which are even deeper then that. Some dark series, or some funny series and they are all great to watch!

    Fractacl: U think Im going to do that! Im waaaayyyy too lazy! to sit there and code like I used to, its not as much coding as it installing MySql onto a computer! It reminds me of my college years!lol

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