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Review: Company by Max Barry


Its a little interesting story how I came about buying this book. I stumbled on jennifer government’s Nation States the online game. Which is a very interesting game to say the least, its about building a nation from scratch and building into a complete dictatorship or a utopia of your making. I kept playing the game, and noticed that the person who put this game together was a man who wrote a couple of books. So I started reading about man who built this little online game, and it turned out he was pretty funny. So while i was playing the game he published his new book, and his blog was extremely entertaining to read. And he was getting good reviews about his book, and he seemed to be an extremely humble person with just the amount of satire and sarcasim. So then I decided to buy the book, and Im happy I did!

It is a great book to read about corporate culture. If you have worked in a corporate enviroment you can really relate to this book. You get introduced to Zephyr Holdings which is the usual corporate culture that you deal with in the US, and you can relate to its enviroment. You get introduced to the characters and its a bit confusing in the beginning because you jump right in, but you slowly get to understand what type of character each person is. It really makes you think about work to say the least. And this book is a really easy read, but after one point you really cant put it down, and you want to know whats going to happen next. It keeps picking up pace, and at one point you just dont know whats going to happen next. Its really worth a read and now Im going to buy his other books if they are as good as this one! This is one comedy with a ruthless edge to it!
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Rating: r4.01.bmp