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Robo for Service

I woke up really early this morning to beat the morning traffic as well as avoid the scorching heat because I was taking Robo in for a his first service at 1100Km. I also had two more carbon fiber pieces to be fitted to the back, as well as a little bit of tweaking to be done. I havent had a chance to ride since that last time out. And I like riding when its sunny, but not hot as hell! So I went to fill up gas, because it was empty from my last ride and off I went to Shuweikh. The weather wasnt bad, and I was enjoying myself. Since the first two songs that came on my mp3 player were Will Smith -“Just Cruisin”, and Biggi ft. Bone Thugs – ” Notorious Thugs”. I was really enjoying myself, and said this is the way to start off a working day. Even though it was 7:30am.



I got there with no complications dropped off the bike at TriStar Motorcycle Garages in Shuweikh. Which needs a cosmetic redo. Because this garage doesnt fit the look of the bikes they sell! It will take them about two days to finish everything and Im in no real hurry so I didnt mind. I told them to take their time and do what ever they need to do. I dont want to drop the bike off again! So off I went home, changed and now Im at work. And I got here at 8:30am! Did all that and still got here on time!