California Riding

This was back during my trip to the US during March. This is me and my friend Hamdy riding on the Yamaha R1, and the FZ6. These bikes are still in the states, but I have them parked at this place! I love the R1, and the FZ6 is such an easy and capable bike to ride during the day. If I wanted to run quick errands or get to Jack in the Box quickly I would take the FZ6 and a back pack. It was always nice to go at night when its slightly cold, and then have something warm attached to your back, but I could never buy drinks! hehehehe! So if anyone wanted shakes they were out of luck!


This was the slowest thing on the road! It was no challenge to any bike!


Me and Hamdy went riding by the coast on Highway 84 up to the Cafe, then we continued down 84 until we hit the 1 and road down the coast. This was an amazing ride, and I was on the FZ6 and he was on the R1. He was basically screwing around with me since he knew I could barely keep up. But since I changed the tires on the FZ6 to Diablos I could do a better job around corners. And I feel the bike is more confident! It seriously was amazing and exhilirating!

My backpack sitting on the FZ6


When we walked into the cafe, we took our helmets, and jackets off to get a nice cold coke! And we also ordered a cheeseburger! hehehehe!


Everytime I ride its such a rush, because your going at a decent pace and to your left is the mountain wall, and to your right is a decent drop that you wouldnt want taking. And your trying to go around corners fast, but at the same time taking into consideration what might be around the corner. My brain feels like its taking every input from the bike, and trying to predict all the possible outcomes while trying to be ready for anything. You can only prepare for so much, but still sweeping through those corners while getting fresh mountain air gives my brain a little tickle. But reaching the Cafe where all the highways intersect its like a little gold mine of bikes and other goodies! It always feels like I got the prize everytime I reach there. I may have dont this at least 30 times now, but everytime seems like a new adventure that you are setting out from dawn!

You could see so many bikes, and so many different types of people riding.



More pictures below!!!!






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. R1 !!! Now ur talking… so sweet… hmmmm that R1 would look cool riding as part of my team at Gumball 3000… u’re giving me interesting Ideas…

    That looks like a lot of fun MZzee… glad u enjoy the bliss of riding.. nothing nicer than crusing on an endless Highway or coast on a beautiful day…

    P.s. someone needs to renew thier Registration :P

  2. DiiGMaa: interesting story about Gumball I was going to join, with a friend and we had a lot worked out but time wasnt on our side. But not with the bikes.. with something else hehehehehehe..
    And I love riding! Riding in California is amazing. And those pictures were from March so the Registration has been updated since then, but the funny part is that we pretty much take the license plates off! Nobody really looks, and usually we take off if a cop trys to creep up on us! hehehehehe! I exit first because I was on the FZ6, but thats good you like my R1 hehehehe! I fell in love with that color when I saw it!

  3. Talk about great bikes and great weather! Glad you had fun then!

  4. MZzee

    R1 has to be my all time fav bike… it just has that “it” factor.. yes there are better looking and preformance bikes.. but the R1 is somethin else… and as for the colour.. well that makes the two of us… same reaction when I first saw my baby ;) and thats why it would look good on My Gumball team..

    Hmmmm and just to get things straight:

    GUMBALL is mine !!!

    Seriously !!!

    Mako ro7a min ghairy !!

    u can check my need for speed and Gumball passion on my blog !!! ;P

  5. Stallion: California weather is always good! I could ride all year long! (packing my bags and moving! lol)

    DiiGMaa: For me the R1 has a special place, because it was the first bike I bought! And then I sold it, but I wasnt too happy that I sold it, but I had to! Now I love my R1 even though its California, and I love the color!

    Lets see if your up for a GumBall! hehehehe! But I cant get enough of their antics! So do you want a squad of motorcycles following you during the Gumball, because it can be arranged! hehehehe! I got a few guys who would be down to do it! hehehehe! But the cost of transporting the hardware is a smalllll problem! hehehehehe! Maybe you can address this problem! hehehehehe! If you want to be the gang leader and everything! lol

  6. MZzee

    Darling the registration fee alone is 20,000 Kd just for me, u and my baby…(indluding luxury hotel stay, partying, some meals and travel from continent to another)… any additional car or person would be an extra 10 if I remember right… and yes I’d have to arrange for the initial shipping of all the pretty things tooooo… hmmmm my piggie bank savings has to be expanded now… *run out this evening to buy 10 more piggie banks* ;P

    well in reality I have tried to approach 2 sponsers.. the first being a regional leading Co. they laughed in my face (My Bro) heheheh but then considered it… my family always entertain my insanity and odd ideas… the other sponser lets just say I have a green light already :D

    but I’ll still have to save up and hold a few bake sales :P Huuuufffttttttt this means I will have to put my Boutique Hotel project on hold…

    but what a lovely sight it would be !! Cruising my baby and an entourage of Bikes behind me… how sweet how very very sweet…

    u in ? :P

  7. DiiGMaa: Well if you really want to do this, then I would be a willing participant. I could get the R1, BMW K1200r (Robo), and another little bike that I will posting about later.. that I just bought recently! hhehehehe shhhhh…

    So it would be another 10K for another person so 30K in total. If you want to do that.. then you would have your baby and two supersport demons riding behind you.. hehehehehe! And we would all have to wear matching gear from top to bottom! What would you want to name the team! It would have to be a really cool name..

    you can put your boutique hotel on hold for a little while.. it isnt going anywhere! hehehehehe! And may I ask what may your baby be.. or do u want to reply to that later! hehehehehe! And Im also going to post about my little baby GRIMLOCK hehehehe.. who was going to do the rally while sacring the crap out of every car! hehehehehehe!!

    So what are the conditions set by the “other” sponsor for you to go to Gumball?!? ehhehehe!

    (My little bank was robbed my Amazon!)

  8. MZzzee

    NeYaHahahahahah *Evil Laugh*

    this is getting good :D

    I’m not kidding about this MZzee.. Totally in… hmmm I’d rather keep my baby’s make off the blog-osphere ;P
    but email me and I’ll tell u about Lovely Lady Luck ;P (tell me in the email ur new purchaces too shshhshss ma7ad shaaf) ;P (oooh yeah and Mabrook)

    I’m sure ur candidate for the race was far more suitable… but my baby just has character.. it’s very.. emmm how do I put this… emmm DiiGMaa ;P lol… and it’s also very ME :p

    Personaly, If I could I woulda got the Koenig for the race… but I wouldn’t dare ask my family for that :P hehehehe inshalah when I have my Boutique Hotel :P

  9. oh and no one mention AMAZON plz !! my stuff is still lost in space since MARCH !!! no comment !!

  10. DiiGMaa: Im down and i sent you an email! This could be interesting! Screw the Koenig you might as well get a Russian MiG and beat everyone cuz its just as fast! And I need to see the Baby that just like DiiGMaa… Im just not sure what it is! hehehehe! When you get all the money from throwing those lavish parties at your boutique then you can buy your Koenig! hehehehe!!

  11. DiiGMaa: Your email isnt working for me!! I sent to it a couple of times, but it keeps telling me something is restricted! Do you have another email u can email me from? send it to blogATzdistrictDOTcom

    Laialy_Q8: I agree!! I agree!!

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