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MotoGP Mess that Rossi Wins

So there was the MotoGP race at Catalan Grand Prix at the Catalunya Circuit this past weekend. It was a huge mess in the beginning over 4-5 riders crashed at the first corner taking out some of the best riders in the competition. I kept reloading online to see who was winning and what happened, but because of the crash they had to restart the race.


Melandri, Capirosi, and Gibernau had to be taken to the medical treatment center and hospital to be checked out because they got the worst of the accident. But at the end there was no permenant injuries, but they werent able to ride for that race. Some of the other riders ditched their bike or went into the dirt to avoid hitting other riders.

Even with all this mess Rossi managed to beat everyone and keep his concentration. Two people who I was expecting to do good really did and got on the podium! Nicky Hayden and Kenny Roberts Jr. because both of them seemed very happy about their bikes, and Hayden was confident of his team and their capabilities to get the settings just right for this bike.


Link: [email protected]

Link: [email protected]


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