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Side Swiped!!

I was driving to work early this morning. I had a few things I wanted to take care of before my meeting, and I slept early because I was so tired. Basically I passed out around 10pm I was so tired, but I woke up refreshed!!

I got the road driving normally, I was on King Malik Fahad Highway on my way to work, and I was on the exit to take the Fifth Ring Road. That exit is like a long curved bridge where you can see the temperature tower on your left. On that exit I was taking my time and when I see this 1988 Chevrolet Caprice with an old guy driving it. I didnt know what exactly he wanted to do, but was eyeing because he seemed to be acting wierd or he really doesnt know how to drive. Suddenly he decided to right and cut across three lanes to get to the exit which he still had ample time to get on. I dont know if it was his binoculars for glasses or something else that made him react that way, but he was lucky no car was in the way, well except for ME! I was all the way on the right. I thought he might stop, but suddenly I could tell his car wasnt going to stop. So I dropped the Landcruiser one gear down, no cars were close behind me, I had to go into the dirt on the right and quick, but he still wasnt stopping. So I gave the breaks all that I had and I gave the clutch one hell of a hiccup, and I managed to avoid him, BARELY!

It looked like he hit me, but I was just really really close. And it seem he didnt know that he did anything wrong! I backed off and then I pulled to the left quick and took off. He got back in the lane as if nothing happened! Everyone around him was keeping at least 10m away from him. I was happy I got out of that one with only a shock instead of crash. I really dont know whats wrong with the guy, but I didnt want to find out! Damn what a way to start the morning!