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Battle Cars!

That is what I have decided to call Kuwait highways when I am going home! People think that they own the road and do as they please! Yesterday was a bunch of long meetings that drained the life out of me!

So I was driving home, and I got on Malik Fahad Highway and I am just about to pass under the fifth ring road. So then I am driving on the left lane and letting all the cars that want exit to the fifth ring road pass me on the right. Then there was this Maroon Pre-1990 Lincoln Mercury, and this guy decided he want to cut in front me when my car was halfway next to his, I honked and he looked at me and continued turning. So I had two options either to hit the guy or slam on the breaks. Since the landcruiser isnt fast enough to take off I hit the breaks and he went forward. I flashed him and he raised a hand at me. I was too tired to pull something crazy to quell my anger! So I let him go even though he was in front of me.

Revenge is so sweet! And I didnt even do anything. Another guy decides to cut left in a white camry, so now the Mercury was in exactly the same position as me. And both of them seemed to be men in there 40s. So they came extremely close to hitting each other. So one guy tried to scare the other. At one point they both decided to scare each other, and they hit side to side! I burst out laughing while hitting my breaks and putting my flashers on. They both got their fenders crushed in and the door were bent slightly. I just couldnt believe my luck that these two idiots decided to do what they did! I felt like I was in a scene of Police Academy 3! lol! So then I took the emergency lane and overtook both of them and took off! Now that was an interesting moment! hehehehe!