Brownie Discovery!

I came back from work! Im kind of hungry, and my mother had a late breakfast. So lunch was going to be late. I wasnt really going to have lucnh without her, but I was still damn hungry. Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye on a small table that was there before!


DELICIOUS looking brownies! So I asked her when we got these and who made them. She told me that my sister-in-law sent them. I did care from where or how they got here the more I looked at them. I have a weakness for Dark Chocolate, Brownies, and Chocolate Moose. But they have to be amazing! So I snuck up on the unsuspecting brownies! They were going to be devoured by ME!

At the end of this post all shall be consumned!!! Damn it was good!

I was hungry while writing this post, and now I feel good! hehehehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ok heres what you do: You head over to either Markaz Sultan or I think also jam3iyyat il shamiyya and you buy either the blue brownies boxed or the red ones. The blue are Pillsbury and I think the red are Betty Crocker. These are ready made mixes and you can have your pick from chocolate, walnuts, fudge, illi tabee. All you usually have to do is mix the stuff with eggs and beat it and then put it in the over for like 20mins or a half hour and then TARAAAAAA! I dont care if its ready made ITS DDEEEEELISHUS! I even like to eat before cooking, you know the uncooked batter? Yumms!! Go buy and make it at home and twibtad3eeli nshala :)

  2. ZinZin: Im sorry that just takes too much effort and time. and I have neither of both! lol! I prefer somebody making them for me or some nice place making fresh ones.. but I have to keep away from them! This was just a one time thing! hehehehe! I CANT GIVE IN! Lol

  3. Great…thanks to you I’m craving Ruby Tuesday’s Brownie with a Vanilla ice cream on top.

    *Drives to Ruby Tuesday*

  4. C’mon baking is fun .I have to bake something atleast twice a week.I can’t imagine life without my oven.

  5. yummmy :p
    marzouq ! im so hungry wallah
    u have a thing for brownies! me want donuts NOW!
    any ways …. 3alaik bl 3afya ;)

  6. Fallen Angel: I was so hungry I could have eaten anything, but that brownie hit the spot.

    Orange Juice: Guys Dont Bake! I leave it at that! lol!

    palestinianphilosopher: I didnt make it, I just ate it! hehehe

    adaydremer: alah e3afeech!

    no3ik: didnt they open Dunkin Doughtnuts yet? I dont really have a thing for Brownies.. I try to avoid them really, they are my mortal enemies! But damn they taste good!

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