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Brownie Discovery!

I came back from work! Im kind of hungry, and my mother had a late breakfast. So lunch was going to be late. I wasnt really going to have lucnh without her, but I was still damn hungry. Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye on a small table that was there before!


DELICIOUS looking brownies! So I asked her when we got these and who made them. She told me that my sister-in-law sent them. I did care from where or how they got here the more I looked at them. I have a weakness for Dark Chocolate, Brownies, and Chocolate Moose. But they have to be amazing! So I snuck up on the unsuspecting brownies! They were going to be devoured by ME!

At the end of this post all shall be consumned!!! Damn it was good!

I was hungry while writing this post, and now I feel good! hehehehe!