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This security management seminar is the first I have seen to have a give and take type discussion. A lot of people from KOC and KPC. And other agencies related oil and security. These individuals are do have there own opinions but the problem I keep here from them is that they can’t do anything about their security problem until the higher ups (sul6aat al 3ulya) get involved or are interested they can’t do much about it. And they don’t know what are their responsibilities and the responsibilities of the government, and they tend to put everything on the government because it rids them of responsibility. They give up before even taking a step!

What’s good is that they are involved in a group exercise related to their respective companies, and its the first conference where I see this kind of exercise! Well it wasn’t a bad conference but I still have to go tomorrow.

Sorry for the grainy pictures but I took the pictures with my phone!


I took some pictures of the buffet as people mentioned it earlier. This wasnt a bad buffet either.



People moving around to get into the groups for the exercises.