Crappy Conference

I’ve got to be at this crappy conference for two days 8am to 4pm. Its about oil and other matters, but Im really not looking forward to it. I have been to a lot of conferences in Kuwait and very few have been good. I think I can only remember 2 that have been good out the of the 17 that I have been to!

I really hope they have wireless where Im going or else Im going to be bored out of my mind.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. With a pc everyone is gonna look over your shoulder and see that you’re checking emails or worse yet, BLOGGING! I say notepads and pens are your freinds! Get some and doodle your boredom away! OR buy a Sudoku book they have a bunch of them in Virgin.

  2. A croswords puzzle book, or a word search book, or even sudoku would come in handy at these events!

  3. ZinZin & Laialy_q8: Ok there is wireless, but I am sittng shoulder to shoulder with other men. But this is a good conference because there are some heated debates regarding work and security regarding Government and Private sectors. And I’m posting from my Imate pda which looks like work! hehe

  4. Stallion: my pda is doing a good job because puzzles would frustrate me because amount of time put in for entertainment is too much! So a PSP would do! hehehe, but not really possible!

  5. I use my Nokia 770 at confrences .. half of the ones I go to involve european men talking about internet security from 2003.

  6. K: this is completely about national security and people involved in this sector. Maybe 50 kuwaiti men and 5 european guys and its getting along pretty well. and I’m on the imate jasjar!

  7. Mini R: I took pictures of the buffet for you!

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