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Plot Summary: Onizuka is an ex-biker and gang leader who has one goal, to become the greatest teacher. He learns of the power and respect possible as an intern teacher, using his strength and connections to get his students to respect him. Now, graduated, he gets a job at a prestigious private school to handle their ‘problem class’ that made the past few teachers quit. He must handle a different sort of trouble when the trouble makers include some of the smartest kids in Japan who preffer a more cerebral approach to torturing their teacher. Onizuka must slowly win his students over and deal with their mistrust of teachers while handling the distrust of his fellow teachers.

This is one amazing anime that I couldn’t get enough of. Onizuka is an ex-gang leader, karate champ, 22 year old who wants to be the greatest teacher alive. He is also obsessed with high school girls, perverted, vulgar, and loves video games. He has to deal with the worst class en school and turn them around, and he uses un-orthodox tactics which are borderline insane. You get involved with all the characters, and get attached to different people. The animation is fantastic, and all you could do is laugh and get hooked on Onizuka. By the time animation is over you don’t want it to end. I recommend anyone who loves animation to watch this animation because its a classic that shouldn’t be missed. This is one of the few animes where they did a really good job with the dubbing. The voices really fit the characters.
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Rating: r5.0.bmp

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  1. this is the only anime i ever saw!!!
    one of my good friends who loves anime persuaded me to watch this with him
    extremely funny
    and very good

    there might be other animes out there, but to me there is only one great teach onizuka (?)
    i would like to download it and watch it again.

  2. Yazeed: IM with you on that! Onizuka was fucking hilarious! I couldnt get enough of him, and sometimes for a laugh I watch some of the episodes again! I have them on dvd, its pretty difficult to find this old stuff on Torrent.. its from 2002, and not a lot of people even host this old stuff.

  3. Yeah I have seen this anime…it’s hilarious in its own way. Cool show and cool review :)

  4. Another anime that I found to be pretty cool is Initial D. All about street racing and successfully mixes conventional animation with CG effects.

  5. Falen: I know what you mean. And more reviews to come.

    Sabah: Initial D is really good as well, it is what started the drifting phenomena!

  6. sifiguy

    hi guys …
    if you like great teacher onizuka ,try reading young gto(great teacher onizuka) ,its the manga that came out before the anime its good…

  7. sifiguy: like I said before its hard keeping up with all the manga.. since they dont come into kuwait so easily. So I stick to downloads and dvds!

  8. tazz

    hey, do you know they have a tv series as well as a movie of GTO? the tv series follows the anime rather loosely, its quite good in its own way, puts human faces on the anime characters.

  9. tazz: yeah I knew about the tv series as well as the movie. I just havent had the chance to watch it. I heard its pretty good!

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