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Security Conference 2nd Day

Im sitting on a couch far away from people. So I could switch on my laptop and blog a little bit, before my battery dies out (Should get MacBook!). This is a pretty good conference, but a few people didnt show up from yesterday. There are about 40 today instead of 50. The one thing that some of these managers have said that is important to Kuwait is the matter of accountability. The reason some of these people dont make a decision regarding a crisis is because that person will be blamed if it was handled in the best way possible or the higher ups didnt agree with this persons decision. Its basically the higher ups leaving that person hanging to take all the blame, and thats the problem we have in Kuwait. There is no support for peoples decisions they just want to assign blame. And nobody has any preparations because they just react to terrible situations.

I can understand the frustration of some of these people, because at the end of the day they get left out to dry. So I can understand their frustrations and how come they arent impowered to make a decision. They were talking about examples of people going to court because of decisions they have made in the oil companies or in governmental agencies. Well hopefully somebody learns from this conference.