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This is a very interesting subject that I have been bouncing around in my head for the past few weeks. It required some thought, and asking around.

The average person in Kuwait doesnt know how to shave, and Im talking about Kuwaiti guys that I have spoken to. Most expats shave at home, and have learned one way or another. But most people I have asked dont know how to use a blade, and they dont like the machines.


Some of those shaving machines cause an irritation on the skin. These machines do get a close shave, but for some people they just dont do the job right. I havent tried them, because I dont have the kind of beard needed to use this kind of machine. And when I have used them it feels like they are pulling the hair out of my cheek instead of cutting it! And Im not the first person to say that!


Some people have trimmers, and thats what I used to use to get the right trim around my mustache or goatee or anything else I want to give an edge to. There were many times where I would make one side burn a lot longer then other one because I was too lazy to concentrate! But with time I learned to get better at it.


The odd thing about shaving with a razor blade is that most kuwaities I know dont know how. Thats why you always see these guys with full beards coming back from the US. They think they will just shave when they get back since they come back so often. And thats what I used to think to, until I started not coming back except for Christmas break!

Another conclusion I have made is that there is no barber-shop in all of the US close to as good as the ones here in Kuwait. Im not kidding I tried lots of barber shops in San Francisco, Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Denver, Miami, St. Paul, and Las Vegas. None of them come close to 7alaaq Shuweikh! hehehe!


One of my friends in the states had a really nice shaving kit from Art of Shaving and so I decided to try it out. When I tried it and it wasnt bad at all. I really liked how smooth my skin was, and I was using a Mach 3 blade, and the Art of Shaving gel. It felt amazing! So smooth and nice, and I learned from then on the best time to shave is just after a shower. Now in Kuwait I look forward to going to the barbershop. Its one of the highlights of the day! I dont wait and try to jam myself in for an appointment. I talk my time and make sure that I have lots of time to relax and get a good shave in after my head has been shaved off real quick!

But now when I travel I do shave by myself and I used the new Gillete Fusion which was also great, but you cant buy it in Kuwait yet. But I was surprised to find out so few guys in Kuwait knew how to shave on their own. It just seems that it was never a neccessity for them to learn, but it is an odd fact to learn. But nothing beats the feeling after getting a nice clean shave!