Broken Fan

This is pretty funny. Our main kitchen is the basement and from the main grill there is a big aluminum pipe going all the way to the top with a fan on the top sucking the air out. So the smell of food comes out through the top. I was called at work by our handy man, and he was giving me options while I was working on something. One is aluminum, the other is steel, and one cobination steel and aluminum. I thought the options were endless! lol! And he told me the steel one is too heavy and it would take 6 days to install with modifications to the piping, the aluminum and steel requires modification as well and would take four days, but the aluminum would take four hours since it just needs some modification to the fitting. Then I told him why is he asking me if he already thinks one is better then the other. Then he tells me he needs my “OK” to go ahead. So I gave him my “OK”.

And when I just came home from a quick meeting the whole house smells like food! Its just making me hungrier and I do find it entertaining that everywhere right now smells like Chicken! hehehehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Dude .. come to me i will help u .. we fabricate steel hoods and chimneys for kitchens etc… :P

  2. I thought people wanted no smells in the house??Imagine when you make fish**wrinkles nose** Yucky..Or having your furnature smell like onion…Change your handy man boy

  3. Mini R: Sorry I destroyed all the food because I was so hungry!

    adaydreamer: true true.. the smell of wish isnt too appealing!

    fractal: problem fixed! handy man does everything! lol!

    Lilacs: Our Handy man fixed the problem! It just took sometime! lol! U girls have no guts to deal with the kitchen these days! U need to get down and derteh in the kitchen! Get all greasy and everything! lol

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