Dutch vs. Portugal!!!


That was the craziest game I have ever seen in my whole life! Four red cards and I lost count of the yellow cards! It was half a football match and half a wrestling match! I couldnt stop screaming at the screen! I wanted Portugal to win! They did an amazing job with the defense! Im still extactic! Louis Figo head butted the Dutch player who was taller then him and knocked him down while the referee was giving a yellow card to a Dutch player. People were pushing, punching, and kicking left and right! I have NEVER seen a game like this! I love this world cup! I cant get enough of these amazing games! It ended up being 9 against 9! I dont know what Portugal are going to do against Englad now, because they have lost acess to two maybe three of their core players! I am still going nuts, while my mother was also caught up in the moments she would clap while I would jump and scream! Then she would laugh at me! We kept getting phone calls from friends and family who couldnt believe this game! This was nuts! I loved it! Best world cup ever!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. unknown

    the worst part was figo nervousness i always thought this player have balanced mine and can control the aspects of the game with his experience but seems he also get into that wrestling match :)

  2. man i wished holland would have equalized
    and see how many cards would have been given out at extra time :P

  3. unknown: It must have been crazy for him to lose his cool! He wouldnt have lose it for no reason.

    Yazeed: I agree with you, but for the amount of extra time I bet they would have gotten rid of most of the players then! hehehe! It would have been 7 on 7!

  4. It was the craziest funniest game in history so far … Although i was really pissed during the first half (since i am a Netherlands Fan) the sheer fun of the next half made me forget all that .. i laughed my ass off .. swish red card, swish yellow card .. breath and ur out :D

  5. Downloading the game to watch it LOL!

  6. fractal: I agree! it was crazy but I was supporting portugal!

    Jacki: U have to watch it! It was nuts!!!!

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