Steak Houses!

I have to say that I am steak type of man. Not just any steak! Real Steak! I think the best Meats I have ever eatin are in the Steakhouses in San Francisco and a few Argentinian Restaurants in Miami! But right now im going to mention the top 5 Steakhouses in Northern California, and i have eaten there quite a few times over the past 6 years. Hopefully who ever is reading this will try one of these places soon!! And they are difficult to rank because it depends on the kind of meat you like to eat! But these are ranked based on my preference.

Alexanders (Sunnyvale/Mountainview, CA)

House of PrimeRib (San Francisco, CA)

SunDance (Palo Atlo, CA)

Harris (San Francisco, CA)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House (San Francisco, CA)

I took a few pictures while eating. And wearing a bib, I needed it.


Alexanders has the largest combination of meat, and amazing tasting meat. Sundance has some really good steak and fish with some interesting apetizers. Ruth’s Chris, House of PrimeRib, and Harris’s restaurants serve specifically steak and only a few kinds of steaks with some sides! I could never get enough of these restaurants unless I was broke and that happened a lot! And the waiters who work at these restaurants have been working there for years if not decades, and it is amazing just listening to the stories they have. These places have history and soul, and that is what makes the food taste even better. If anyone gets a chance to eat at any of these places I really recommend to go.

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  1. Cute UAE

    GOD!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m just hungry and when ur site loaded my tummy went NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Laish! 3aib! May 9eer!
    It’s close to 9AM and now I’m craving what’s in the photographs! :oP

  3. Cute UAE: hehehehe! Good steak and lobster! That was a good meal!

    Stallion: hehehehe, It was some good food, to bad we cant get that in kuwait!

  4. a real life, whole lobster :| now thats a sight you dont get to see in kuwait at aaaall :(

    yummyyyyyy :((

  5. Dude …

    I adore steaks .. but but .. i dunno what the best places in kuwait are for it .. can u enlighten us please .. if u know

  6. Cute UAE

    This kind of “lobster” meal I told you earlier that you would get in a restaurant at Puerto Olympico in Barcelona! ;)
    Besides, at UAE, precisely Dubai, we’ve got few good steak houses and freshly caught sea food restaurants!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!! :P

  7. extinct: Now that tasted good. It wasnt alive after I was done with it! hehehehe

    fractal: I dont like any steak place in Kuwait honestly.

    Cute UAE: yeah.. you guys have the Red Room in Emeriate Towers, they have some pretty good steak. I wouldnt say on par with the ones above but still very much better then anything we have here!

  8. Cute UAE

    Wallah 7araaaaaaaam 3alek!!!
    I’m craving a BIG TIME JUICY steak!!!
    …with CHIPSSSSSSSSS!!!
    Have you tried deer meat?!

  9. Cute UAE: I have, and its very good. But aged meat with the right setting out does it! You never see deer meat in real steak houses in states, and even at Argententian Steak houses! Im hungry as hell now! lol!

  10. Cute UAE

    I’ve had it in Sweden!!! But I had difficult time cutting it and chewing it!!!!! :S
    SUFFERRRRRR going hungry!!! and remember the sufferings of all those who came across your blog with that JUICY LOOKING DISH!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cute UAE: LOOOL!!! Dont worry there will be more suffering with so many pictures! I love food! hehehehe!

    Fixed! lol!

  12. Cute UAE


  13. Cute UAE: so you hungry still! lol! Wait til 2morow morning! hehehe!

  14. Cute UAE

    Marzouq!!!! Mashallah…U never miss a detail!!! ALLAH iwaleeek el3afya!!!! I’m craving a chocolate now! :(

  15. Cute UAE: well we do have the chocolate bar! o alah e3afeech!

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