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Oula Gas Stations


Since two private companies have taken over the gas stations I hope that there would be some improvement. I always tend to fill up gas on the way home at the Qurtoba gas station. That Qurtoba station turned out to be an Oula gas station. I was hoping with the privatization that things would improve. Even if they painted the gas stations a little or made them more appealing then the way the old ones used to look.


And Im noticing some improvement. When I stopped to fill up gas an asian attendent (maybe philippino)who spoke arabic and english came right to me before I even put the car on park. And so I asked him to fill it up, and while it was being filled up he was wiping down the windows which had waterspots with a clean cloth which I thought is a pretty good service. It didnt cost me anything, but I wanted to tip the guy so I gave him 1KD on top of the gas. I felt bad that he was stuck in the heat too, but maybe they do make good money with the better service. And I see less gas station attendents, there used to be a lot of them running around in one gas station, but now there are a few and they seemed very able.


I dont know what else this privatization will do, but I hope they start improving different services at the gas station.