Oula Gas Stations


Since two private companies have taken over the gas stations I hope that there would be some improvement. I always tend to fill up gas on the way home at the Qurtoba gas station. That Qurtoba station turned out to be an Oula gas station. I was hoping with the privatization that things would improve. Even if they painted the gas stations a little or made them more appealing then the way the old ones used to look.


And Im noticing some improvement. When I stopped to fill up gas an asian attendent (maybe philippino)who spoke arabic and english came right to me before I even put the car on park. And so I asked him to fill it up, and while it was being filled up he was wiping down the windows which had waterspots with a clean cloth which I thought is a pretty good service. It didnt cost me anything, but I wanted to tip the guy so I gave him 1KD on top of the gas. I felt bad that he was stuck in the heat too, but maybe they do make good money with the better service. And I see less gas station attendents, there used to be a lot of them running around in one gas station, but now there are a few and they seemed very able.


I dont know what else this privatization will do, but I hope they start improving different services at the gas station.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It is embarassing when they clean your windows (which don’t need to be cleaned) and you don’t have change to tip them with.

  2. Jewaira: My windows need some cleaning because I go to some messy places in Shuweikh or Sabhan. But I always make sure I have some emergency money in any car I would be driving, because you dont know that one time you forget to bring your wallet and your out of gas. There have been times when I ask the guy for change to tip him with! That isnt embarassing at all to do that!

  3. untill now the only things that changed is

    – all oula stations removed self service , they have staff that fill up your car

    – sometimes they clean your front window

    – colorfull , not only red

    – they throw away the speaker

    not much , i hope they improve more

  4. forzaq8: I agree I hope there will be improvement! Those small changes helped breath some life into the gas stations! ATMS at gas stations would be good as well. The only one with an ATM that I know off is the Bayan Gas station which has a Burgan Bank ATM.

  5. after the US, I appreciate any gas station where i dont need to leave my car to fill up on gas…especially in this heat!

  6. No 24 hour mini mart or supermarket like in the Emirates or U.S. or even Q8 in Sweden?

    No system where you can charge at least half a dozen charge cards?

    No mini car was or area where you can vacuum or clean the car?

    What’s the difference then my lads? A new wooden sign/logo with a Kuwaiti clapping?

    It’s all a scam.

  7. Amer the people running the company said they are going to introduce much of these stuff but they are waiting for approvals from many government department

    saddly thats a good exuse

  8. ZinZin: I second that appreciation!

    Amer: Inshalla time will tell. They havent had these gas stations for long, and they have just started cleaning them up a bit so that they dont look so God damn depressing. Patience!

    Forzaq8: Inshalla they get they get the damn approvals and start putting thing together! I would like a minimart at a gas station especially with this heat! I would pick up a bottle of water every time I fill up!

  9. People are in this business to make money, and the biggest money generator in US/UK gas station are the mini-marts/garages. Expect to see them in the near future, along with quicker/efficient payment methods.

  10. K: I hope your right on this one, the efficient part anyways. A mini mart would be a good thing. And in the US that is what does make them money not the gas station.

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