Riding in the Heat!

I wanted to go out the other weekend before taking Robo into service. So I decided to go out no matter how hot it is. And I did. It was great earlier in the day since the asphalt was scorching hot. But it was still hot no matter how fast I was going, and sometimes I was going fast!




The one problem I faced was getting stuck at a light! It felt like an eternatiy before the light turned green, so after a little while of riding I went to Starbucks and got me a drink to cool off. It was worth it though. I head my mp3 player going with updated songs, and a lot of old school songs. I felt my head was clearing up after riding for four hours, and I arrived home drenched in sweat so I decided to jump in the pool before lunch. That cooled me off right! The heat nor the cold will stop me from riding! hehehehe






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mashallah your bike looks very clean and attractive especially the tires despite the dust we have everywhere!

    Glad you went out and got it out of your system. And very glad that you use that helmet :)

  2. In every bikers books, you’re the real definition of a rider.. hehehe.. I don’t think I could do it, not with a full face helmet on.. but dude, be careful, it’s not only hot outside, but sun striking hot.. what I mean, for your sake, try riding at night if you can’t get rid of the riding urge.. four hours in the direct Kuwaiti sun is not good..

    Off topic, I sent you an e-mail like a week ago about the mat black color on your bike.. it’s amazing.. I wonder if you know someone that could paint a whole car like that.. I have a new toy project that I am working on, and I need some help.. ;)

  3. Jewaira: Thank you! I love ROBO!!!! hehehehe! I ride full gear all the time because I made a mistake once, and Im an idiot if I dont learn from them. Let me just say it was pretty and boy was I pissed! hehehe! I try to keep my bike clean, and I wash him down at night after every ride! hehehe! Washing my bike is something I look forward to! Its the personel touch!

    Don: Hey! Im sorry I didnt get your email! I could ask for you a couple of people abotu the matt black painting in Kuwait! But my go to go guy isnt here right now. He will be back in 3 weeks and I will ask him then for you! My bike came Matt black that is why I liked it so much. I appreciatte the kind words as to being the definition of rider, but like you said the urge was too much and I needed to clear my head! The problem with riding at night is that people dont see you and that could get very scary, and I have had some incidents with that.

  4. I dreamt of you last night and I don’t know whylol

  5. Jacqui: loool! I have psychic and mind controling abilities!

  6. It was a weird dream :/ And I blame it on watching Will & Grace.. I mean seriously! Hehehehe I dreamt you were wearing the same soccer uniform that Will and Jack were, which was baby blue with white stripes and yellow lines outlining the white :P

  7. moe

    It would have been nice if we could see ur picture too besides the bikes. So next time when i am in kuwait i can recogonise you.

  8. Jackie: looooll!! Just as long as I am Jack! Im cool with the dream!

    moe: Lol! I will take more pictures of me next to the bike! The problem is that people dont know how to take pictures, but in Kuwait people find it weird if you ask them to take your picture. The only people I have found willing to help are the gas station attendents. I will go out with my full kit next time, and my stand for the Rebel XT! hehehe! When it cools down of course!

  9. so that was u was ganna run over :p

    just kidding

    glad you had fun today ;)

  10. Laialy_q8: I know seriously! I was trying to remember the description after reading your post!

  11. its really hot !
    but since uve got a cool drink in one hand and a pool in the other ;p its worth it.
    thats when u get to appreciate having them ;)

  12. no3ik: Yes I know i have to appreciate them, and that drink was a savior! Not including that I drank 3 bottles of water!

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