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Sleeping Patterns


wake up: 6:30am

work @ 7:30am

leave work @ 3:00pm (nothing gets done in Kuwait after 2:00pm)

get home by 3:15pm (I drive fast)

lunch @ 3:20pm (I call before I leave hehehe)

Done with lunch by 4:00pm

Get online and surf and random stuff until 6:00pm

Fifa with family until 8:00pm

Then with family until 10:00pm

Fifa with family until 12:00am (or longer)

Get in room and continue surfing until 1:00am

Asleep by 1 or 2 depending on online content.

Rinse and Repeat.

With this scheduelle I am getting crap sleep! lol! World Cup, Work, Family, Anime, and other stuff.. just not enough time in the day.

Then there are those days where I just pass out in the afternoon because my batteries are just running low! I just switch off like a Nokia phone! Trying to squeeze every last minute of being awake then poof! Out!

So much to do but not enough time!