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Working from Home in Q8


The concept of working from home, or setting up business from home is a very alien concept. I was thinking about this while I was at work. I would really want to be home right now and who doesnt. I would use Real VNC to do work from home. I thought that would be perfect.

Some of my friends in the states would do work from home instead of going in sometimes if they dont have any meetings I thought that would be ideal. But then I came to the realization that is impossible to do work at home in Kuwait. Most people I know live with their families at home even if they have been working for years. If they stay home and do work, their family will say “oh he isnt working he is just sitting down stairs on the computer and making a few phone calls” and you would get harrassed! Sometimes I try and read emails from work at home, and if Im doing that it seems that it is categorized as a form of entertainment here! lol! They tell me basik le3ib hel computer, it isnt considered work unless you get a serious phone call and your sitting at a desk.

So it seems in my case you cant do work from home, and probably other people’s cases as well! hehehehe!