Working from Home in Q8


The concept of working from home, or setting up business from home is a very alien concept. I was thinking about this while I was at work. I would really want to be home right now and who doesnt. I would use Real VNC to do work from home. I thought that would be perfect.

If you now have lots of remote staff (like a lot of businesses) then you will no doubt be struggling to manage them all, but you can make that a lot easier by using some good monitor keystroke software so that you know what they are all doing.

Some of my friends in the states would do work from home instead of going in sometimes if they dont have any meetings I thought that would be ideal. But then I came to the realization that is impossible to do work at home in Kuwait. Most people I know live with their families at home even if they have been working for years. If they stay home and do work, their family will say “oh he isnt working he is just sitting down stairs on the computer and making a few phone calls” and you would get harrassed! Sometimes I try and read emails from work at home, and if Im doing that it seems that it is categorized as a form of entertainment here! lol! They tell me basik le3ib hel computer, it isnt considered work unless you get a serious phone call and your sitting at a desk.

So it seems in my case you cant do work from home, and probably other people’s cases as well! hehehehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Working at home may be foreign concept to ppl in Kuwait, but from where I have been and what I have done…its a full-on SOHO principle. All it needs is a discipline on ones part and you are in business. Forget about wearing anything less than a business-suit or formal attire, keep office-in-home outside bedroom and TV is a big NO NO.

  2. DA: I got confused on your last part, do you mean to keep the office away from the TV and the bedroom or close to them? But I do agree that it is a matter of self-discipline but the family is a very wild factor be it your parents or your own family.

  3. Well what I meant was SOHO should be far away from bedroom and no TV in SOHO boundries. I have a bad bad bad habit of watching Cartoon Network when at home :P

  4. If you stay at home, people will think there is no way you can be working.

    Yes, you must be very disciplined.

  5. lol true, people have been thinking that i’ve been unemployed for the past 5 years !
    as a stock market trader i’m glad that i can work from home when i want to and go to “the office” when i get bored.

    having said that its always flattering when somone asks me if i want a job doing so an so thinking i’m unemployed :P

  6. DA: yes I agree the tv has to be far away, the SOHO should be at a different corner of the house if possible.

    Jewaira: yeah people just dont think you are working when you are at home. And it has to be a working enviroment even at home, but the benefit is that its a comfortable enviroment.

  7. sknk: LOL! My cousin is the same way. He says that he is happy making money off stock markets and being at home, but sometimes it causes havoc on your sleeping patterns if your investing in other stock martkets! But the funny thing is that people think my cousin has been unemployed for the past 4 years, even though he has been making money! hehehe!

  8. Do you really want to know how our parents came up with that notion?

  9. if i had a room like that, i’d never leave! one of my friends in bahrain works from home. while she feels so ‘out of touch’ with people (i think that’s a good thing at times!), she does enjoy being able to travel without taking a vacation! all she does is take her laptop with her wherever she goes!

  10. MSB: I wouldnt leave if that was my room, but sadly that is a pic from Malibu California! hehehe! thats good thing your friend has going!

  11. Absolutely.

    If you do work that revolves around projects then be it at home or work it doesn’t make much of a difference.

    For creative types such myself who get outburts of energy and determination sometimes I do my best work at home (reports, analysis, articles etc).

    I have an office at home and there is no television in sight but even if there was – it would play MSNBC or something of that nature – nothing that would distract me.

    Most productive time for me is either early in the morning (with lots of coffee) or very late at night (midnight to 3 am etc).

    You people should check your blogs and see what time you usually post – that is an indication of your daily biorythms as well.

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