Dont write much political posts, because Im not much a political person and I try to follow alot of the candidates but you can only do so much to a degree. Today is Kuwait’s D-Day (WW-II Allied Forces invasion of Germany). We can only hope after these dark times that things will improve. Im getting up early to go take my mother to the women’s voting area, before going with my father later in the day to go to the men’s voting area. And then so much to do today, really a long day today. Going to take my camera with me if possible. Good luck to everyone o inshalla we shall see the results soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. vote for meeeeeeeeee
    vote for meeeeeeeeee

  2. ananyah: cant vote not registered.

    DG: Thats how it feels!

  3. nothing suprising really
    except al omar didnt make it

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