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Long Day!

After this extremely hectic and long day I am at last at home. I came home around 1am, and I was up from 6am. I reached the point where my brain was disconnected from my body and I was staring off into the night.

I went to a few election head quarters, went with family during the day got a quick bite to eat, and now this crazy day has to an end.

The funny part is I realized around 1:30am that I didnt have anything to eat, so I saw we had a couple of good looking mangos, so I cut up two for myself. And I have to say those were some amazing mangoes! I tasted amazing, I couldnt get enough of it.


And now because of the anime Im watching Im craving freshly baked bread! The kind fresh out of the oven and I stick into my mouth. And then jump in bed. Long Day. Good night people!