Long Day!

After this extremely hectic and long day I am at last at home. I came home around 1am, and I was up from 6am. I reached the point where my brain was disconnected from my body and I was staring off into the night.

I went to a few election head quarters, went with family during the day got a quick bite to eat, and now this crazy day has to an end.

The funny part is I realized around 1:30am that I didnt have anything to eat, so I saw we had a couple of good looking mangos, so I cut up two for myself. And I have to say those were some amazing mangoes! I tasted amazing, I couldnt get enough of it.


And now because of the anime Im watching Im craving freshly baked bread! The kind fresh out of the oven and I stick into my mouth. And then jump in bed. Long Day. Good night people!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I want Fresh bread too, I want those you know the old cartoon “Sally” well maybe not but you know how they always go into a bakery and they get fresh bread that looks so fucking yummy! I want that! Think back to all those Japanese translated cartoons.. they always have that bread! I WANT IT!

  2. Pieces of Me

    Yummy .. They look delicious! I want some :(

  3. mashallaaa
    you had time to cut the mango so perfectly
    9ara7aa i cut and eat at the same time heheheee

    3laik bil 3afyaaaaa :)

  4. Moo chitheee yakloon il mangaa!! you’re supposed to cut it into two big peices, leave the middle part, and then cut “meaty” two peices with a knife going down and then sideways. It ends up looking like a turtle’s back and separated into nice square blocks that are scumprtious…oh maan i made myself so hungry talking about it!

  5. The good news, is that I’m not the only Mango freak out there. The bad news, is that I’m craving some now. It’s hilarious how everyone has their own favorite way to cut and eat a Mango! :)

  6. MZzee Ya36eek alf 3afyaaaaaa :)

    hmm those Mangos look lovely,,,

    R & R :)

  7. those look good
    bil 3afya
    i need to get some :P

  8. Jackie: I know what you mean! Sally did have the bread, but this anime is based on baking! I couldnt get enough!!! And bread was on my mind!

    Laialy_Q8: after years of cooking for myself, cutting myself, and other things.. this is what I have come to perfect! Cooking in ramadan in states taught me to cook without eating! hehehehe! Alah e3aafeech! kaan 6ayib!!!!

    ZinZin: LOOOOOLL!!!! I know that way too, but this was less messy o disdashty was going to get too messy, and I didnt feel like taking a shower after eating, but thats what would have happened if I did the turtle way!

    MSB: Everyone has a special relationship with Mango! Because the ones in Kuwait taste so good! hehehe! And if someone isnt a mango freak then something is wrong! hehehehehe

    DiiGMaa: alah e3afeech! R&R needed!

    Yazeed: I dont think there are any good mangos in the states! Im telling you! I have looked before.. only in a couple of high end grocery stores! But nothing close to the indian mango that we get in Kuwait!

  9. I mango freak, I eat 4 mangoes in the same sitting :/

    Sad story but I replace love and affection with MANGO!

  10. moe

    I am thinking marazouq after this long day you would have thanked Allah to give u an opportunity to live the whole day.

  11. moe: I thank God for a lot of things and one of them is that sweet sweet mango!

  12. eshawig :)
    3afya …. o nom al 3afya inshalah
    sweet dreams ;)

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