Bike-Tip: Tire Break-In


When you get a new bike you have to worry about the tires because there is always a protective coat on new tires that makes them slippery. The result of twisting the throttle is a bad spill. I have had some close calls with the bike dancing under me, but decreasing the throttle helps get the bike under control. You need to ride for at least 20 minutes to warm up the tires. To get rid of the entire coat on the tire you have to ride at least 100km (60 miles). And it isn’t about riding in a straight line, you have to get the coat off the edges of the tire.


Side note: burning out is fun sometimes, but it won’t warm up the tires. The middle part of the tire will be warm, but the edges will be cold. The edges won’t warm up like when you ride around a track or regular roads for 20 minutes. I have seen quite a few spills because people think their tires are warm after a burn out. And there is no grip on the edges because they are cold.

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  1. good information

    i might need this info when i get my own bike … wait let me re-phrase that .. if i ever get a bike

  2. ok i didn’t know it posted twice


    ganna have to delete one :/


  3. Laialy_Q8: Deleted one comment just as requested! hehehe! I know its probably difficult for a girl to get a bike here in Kuwait, but doesnt mean you shouldnt learn to ride! hehehe! Look at me encouraging you! hehehe!

  4. moe

    you are a rich guy and probably no big deal for u to advice us to buy one.

  5. moe: That doesnt make any sense? bikes are relatively cheap compared to vehicles. You can buy a new bike for 1500 to 2000 KD. Has nothing really to do with my financial situation!

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