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Dell 2407 WFP


So I have mentioned in a previous post that I really want this Dell screen. But I have been patient to find out any details about it. Now since it has been out for a little while the prices on the screen has dropped, and I have been thinking about purchasing this screen, but I have been preoccupied with other things.

After walking around Wala’a complex the other day I found a place called TransLink which carried Dell screens, since I know the official Dell dealer in Kuwait doesnt carry Dell screens for some reason. I walked in and asked them if they have the 2407 WFP and how much do they sell for. They had the 19inch in stock sitting on the shelves which was going for 95KD. He told me they dont have it in stock and its an order item only with up front payment. I told him thats not a problem except I want to know what the payment is, so he took my number and said he would call me with the price. I was ok with that since I wasn’t going to jump the gun even if they had it.
So the guy called me back one day later and told me the price of the screen is 319 KD = $1103.

I was falbergasted! Shocked to say the least!

The price qouted on Dell’s website is $747.15, which is extremely cheaper. There is a 108KD difference between there price and the Dell website price. When I called him to tell him he said that his cost is $900.00 and shipping was $190.00, and I asked him what kind of shipping is are they doing and through who. He then told me that is all he can do. I think if I do buy the screen it will be from an online company.