Accidental Tech Entreprenuers

This is a really cool article about people who quit, got fired, or layed off from their job to do what they are passionate about for a living. These people turned their hobbies into daily jobs and the internet was their to help them succeed. And its about some of the websites I visit on a daily basis. Its a great story of success and insperation.

Link: IW

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nice! But, I think you need to be lucky and creative enough. I don’t think I can quit my current job to do the things which I’m passionate about.

  2. dude i posted a comment on ur post about brazil losing.. what happened to it?

  3. my bad my bad.. found the comment, the internet was actin up or somethin.. sorry.. :)

  4. Cece: Very true, and you need to have unique idea!

    Dr.List: Happy you found your comment! hehehe!

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