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Bimota Delirio


An exquisite machine which can only be crafted by an artist and visionary. This machine is something I wish I could get my leg over one day, but it is a bit out of the price range then normal bikes. Its the new Bimota crafted to surpass the extremely successful Bimota DB5. Perfection has been expressed with the creation of this bike, by bringing all the necessary parts from imagination to creation. Its an agressive bike with a comfortable riding position. I could only imagine how this bike feels when its ridden, I havent even had a chance to see a Bimota DB5 let alone getting on a Bimota DB6 Delirio. Bimota always taking creation to the extreme, and fabricating the perfect bike from paper to machine. This bike will be priced at around $40’000.00, and probably only a certain number will be made. But this bike looks amazing, I wish I could just ride one in the near future.


Link: webBikeWorld