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No Steering Wheel


So I took in my land cruiser to have a quick service done and a few things fix. Because of my little escapades driving in the dirt a few pieces off the roof rack, so I thought they might as well fix it while they were cleaning the filter. I droped of the landcruiser and picked it up later the same day.

When I was driving this lady in the car next to me was shouting into the phone and kept turning left! So I honked… but wait no sound came out! She just kept turning left, so I just had to shift the car down hard to 2nd gear and hope I come out of it without a scratch! Made it! And she still kept turning left and leaned on the car behind me. But by that time I was preoccupied with why my horn wasnt working. I kept pushing it and nothing happened. But by that time I was on my way on.

I took the car in to have the filter cleaned and roof rack fixed, and they were fixed plus the horn wasnt working and the back left brake light was burned out. I found that to be funny and just thought it was my luck. I just thought I would take it in the next day or day after to get it fixed. So it has been two weeks since I have been with no horn in my landcruiser. And let me tell you that it is suicide to drive without a horn in Kuwait! People are oblivious to things around them and on top of that some people just dont care. The horn helps save you sometimes and gets there attention, and I havent learned to be extremely defensive the past week and a half. It feels like your going to battle with a shield only and you forgot your sword and you just have to make do! hehehe! I need to get my horn fixed! I have punched my steering wheel one too many times and I think the air bag is going pop at some point! Its only a matter of time til I get it fixed! hehehe!