What an Upset!!!

Brazil! What were u guys doing! Ronaldo why so much acting!?!? Ronaldhino why in the hell weren’t you getting the ball forward! Robhino why didnt you come in earlier! What the hell were you guys doing! I was going nuts.. and Im pissed as hell! I dont want to talk to anyone about this match! I dont like the French team, but my hat goes off to them! They did a good job! I dont know what the hell the Brazil team was thinking! Its as if a different team was playing and they didnt know how to coordinate! I cant believe they are out! I was angry about argentina losing as well! Now my hope is with Italy or Portugal winning the World Cup! (European Cup)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yazeed: I will woop your ass too!! damn it!

  2. kaaaaaaaaaaaak… man brazil sux, they deserve 2 lose, coz they r shit, shayfeen nafshom laish? all i can say is kaaaak 2 brazil, and the french really earned it.. GERMANY ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Brazil Suck ON IT! :P

    Sorry I had too ;P

  4. dr.lost: madree shino kaan feehum, bes inshalla germany loses to either Italy or Portugal!!!!

    Jackie: My hopes are with Protugal or Italy! To woop France and Germany!

  5. walla maadri shnu haaada Brazil sawayyat! aaaana alhain BURTUGAL FAN…LOL…my arabic….ohh bad!

  6. CyberRowdy: Dont worry about it! UR Portugal fan and Im with u all the way! Screw Germany and FRANCE!

  7. portugal cant woop france, they didnt play well in all their matches so far, france are really on a high now, with zidane on fire, and they will keep getting better untill they get the cup back in paris

  8. Spelled: Ronaldinho and Robinho.

    Lots of people mistakenly pronounce them as Ronaldino and Robino, but the “nho” in portuguese is pronounced like the spanish “ñ”, or “gn”.

    So the correct pronounciation is:

    “Ronaldinio” and “Robinio” “Juninio”

  9. The Grenadine: It was a moment of insanity when I was writing this! hehehe! Spelling errors could be made! hehehe!

  10. noooooooooooo dont say that ! GERMANY WILL WIN ! i dont like u no more dude ;p

  11. of course marzouq:) i just wanted to share the knowledge of pronouncing their names properly, something which was taught to me… just sharing.

  12. Grenadine: thanks for sharing! It was just heat of the moment! hehehe!

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