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Idiots on the road!

After meeting up with some people, I drove off to go to another meeting in Shuweikh! And I was happy was in the landcruiser! I was in the left lane on the fifth ring road coming out of the salmiya area to go shuweikh. And its kind of like there was an earthquake there because the roads are all messed up. Anyways the road became straight and I was following the cars in my lane and then there was this guy on the phone in a camry. He was in the lane next to me, and the whole lane I was in was going around 140kph, and they seemed to be going 100kph next to us. Then the guy decides to turn left so I had barely enough time to cut left. I clipped his left side view mirror which scratched my passenger door. I was pissed, and I was still in the emergency lane, and the guy was looking at me with the phone still stuck to his head. I had to get to meeting, but at the same time I had the urge to get out and beat the living daylight out of this guy! I wanted to stick my foot so far up his ass that he can taste the dirt on my slippers! But I just drove off because the guy was an idiot and I didnt feel like dealing with him and being late for a meeting. Got to the meeting finished up, and I saw my landcruiser. It was cool, only a slight scratch from his car onto my with his sideview mirror ripped off and nothing to my car! hehehe!

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