Laptop Demise

I think my laptop is going a downward slope! It tried reformatting it and working on it, but its acting in the wierdest of ways. The speakers arent working anymore as I mentioned before, but at least a while ago it was on and off, but now its just off. Secondly now I have to log in, and then log out, and then log in to get it working! hehehehehe!

I feel like Im being propelled to get a MacBook more and more! It has fought good fight, and take a lot of hits! But I feel like Im working on a disabled laptop! hehe! I like watching anime on it, but now I have totally lost that ability and its driving me nuts!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. :(
    worst feeling eva.
    i think weve all been there ! so mayshof shar inshalah :) maybe u just need a break form ur anemi !

  2. r u slowly building ur self into asking donations to get a mac?

  3. i agree with mark. karma and the universe are telling you to get a macbook :p

    i know i’m in love with my macbook pro :”>

  4. No3ik: It sucks!!! I cant stop watching anime! lol

    Mark: damn it! hehehe!

    Yazeed: r u offering? hehe! I wont say no!

    Dodo: U aint helping! hehehe!

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