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Nephew 2.0

So my nephew has been growing! And he just makes me laugh!

I think I am still one of his favorite people! hehe!

– he can bite and it hurts, but i still let him bite my finger
– started doing the army thing and pulling himself across the floor

– loves playing with my chimaq or dishdasha when its on top of him

– he loves playing with newspapers or any paper.. he wants to it into his mouth

– he isnt on all fours yet

– he laughs when he poops, because I know he is saying “somebody has to clean me! hehehehe”

– i do the american indian thing to his mouth and he wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo

– likes to chew on N70s, N80s, and my 6280

– my keyboard is big big toy with lots of toys attached to it

– we have very serious conversations that involve “brr brr weaaahhh brr brr ba ba ba ba barrrr hehehehe brrr geeee geee brrrr”

that is all for now, updates shall be following.