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Speeding Cameras


Is it just me or are they not working! Something seems to be up with those cameras, because if they are working I would either be in jail or up to my neck in fines. Because a few times I passed them a little over the speed limit and I thought something was going to get caught. I keep an eye out for the white light to go off but then nothing happens.

So I decided to do some testing the other day. In a car I took off the front license plate and went down the empty highway at around 170Kph. If its going to go off, then it would be now. But again nothing happened, and then I remembered when I was coming back from the TriStar Outing from Benaider I had to be home quick so I was flying between 220Kph and 240Kph whenever the road was empty and none of the cameras took any pictures. It seemed very strange then none of the cameras were work, and I was speeding at night just to check if the camera was taking pictures during the day but without the flash. I think the heat has got to these cameras or they have stopped putting film in it. Its really weird.

And I found a little interesting details, one of our engineers is friends with the guys who put in these cameras and say they cant take a decent picture of car going above 210Kph because its too blurry. I can understand that only if they have a crappy lens. Either that or I have been reallllyyyy lucky.

Please note speeding was only done for testing purposes, this is a disclaimer for who ever might try what I did!