X-Box 360 in Virgin Marina Mall



They have the NTSC premium version with 20GB. And they have NTSC and PAL games, and they told they are going to keep increasing the size

Package 1: 238KD
Premium X-Box 360
Extra Wireless Controller
Two Games

Package 2: 255KD
Premium X-Box 360
Extra Wireless Controller
Four Games

I dont know if they also have a PAL system as well, I didnt bother to ask. I was having too much fun looking at the games. And they also sell 3 month and 12 month X-Box Live Subscriptions! Which I think are really cool!!!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. what are the prices in rihab?

  2. I finally got to play with the 360 last week and have to say it is HUGE my god. He had the 360, the power adaptor that was half the size, then a covertor for the 110/240. It was just a mess of wires back there.

    Luckily the controller is wireless so that helps out and was really comfy to play wiht. Yet I didn’t have that WOW factor, the game seemed ordinary and just had supped up graphics.

    Yet I dont see many people owning 360. I think it is only practical with Live so you can play with out people around the world.

  3. Mark: I havent been to rehab for a couple of weeks.. the prices have changed so Im not sure how much.

    nibaq: fo me the winning part is the wireless controller, so now they just have to get Halo 3 out for everyone to buy the 360 for it! When Halo 3 comes out EVERYONE will buy a 360! I was thinking about getting a PS3 as well, but Im going to hold off on that, Im hearing too many stories about it!

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