Burning MTV 2006 Movie Awards


Im burning it to DVD so I can watch it down stair on my Home Theater before starting the world cup game! I think that would be a very nice start to the game! hehehe! Im using Nero 7.0 Premium to burn it to dvd, and it say it will take 1 hour and 34 minutes to burn! Which I dont think is too bad and I cant wait to watch it! Im going to make sure the volume is high and the bass is strong! Every MTV award I have seen has been good and hilarious! Someone always does something crazy! And I cant wait to see Portugal win!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. havent watched it. but enjoy it :)

    i never follow any World Cup games… till the last 4 teams are up (maaly 5ilog the other games lool) so yesterday i cheered for ITALY and today i will cheer for FRANCE… soo :P 3ala Portugal hehe

  2. I watched it and enjoyed it hehehehe so watch it quickly! :P

  3. amer

    marzouq! behave! you are too lively!

  4. Home theatre…eeeh…i dont even have cable yet…Im so hatin u right now.

  5. tara it was nice and very funny

    and dont forget to cheer for france afterwards.

  6. adaydreamer: the game annoyed me, but Im supporting Italy!

    Jacqui: We watched a bit of it! It was pretty damn long and the game had to start, and yes I love Jessica Alba like any person who would be considered a man.

    amer: hehehe! I do as I please!

    ZinZin: First thing I did when I got back! Its like needing to breath! lol!

    Yazeed: I hate france, but damn it they won!

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