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Baggage Weight Decrease!

For those who dont know I thought I would spread the word. British Airways is decreasing the maximum weight size of a per passenger. I know there are some specifics depending on each class, but Im not sure about it.

Right now you can check in a bag with a maximum of 32 Kgs, and if it goes over you have to take it out. They wont let you check it with more then 32Kgs. From October 2006 they want to set the maximum at 23Kgs. That is very light and I dont think it is very reasonable. They say its for health reasons, but before you could check bags in that were 40 or even 50 Kgs so I could understand lowering it 32Kgs, but 23Kgs is very light for a bag and that means you have to use more then one or two bags if your traveling for a while. What will honeymooners do!! The charges will be insane!

And they are also specifying the exact size of the hand bag you can take inside the plane with you. More details could be found at the link.

Link: News