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I dont know about other people, but I work 5 & 1/2 days out of the week. Its annoying as hell to lose your thursday! I got used to having a full weekend when I used to work in the US. Saturday and Sunday were off! It was great you could do a lot of things!

And people who work for banks say they work Thursdays too, but then I say “YOU GET SATURDAY OFF!!”. hehehehe! Thursday is the slowest possible day in the week, and there is a status meeting that we have to go to that I find useless! I can email you a report damn it!

Im looking forward to getting off in a few hours. And down with France! I am with Italy! That game was annoying Portugal should have won, they were playing better! Viva La Italy! I shall take the frustrations of work on France. And I still need to finish some reports before the damn meeting! lol