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XBox 360 Rihab

I went to Rihab on Thursday to pick up a memory card for my PS2. So while I was there I asked how much the XBox 360 was, and so these are the details that I got.

X-Box 360 :180 KD for the Premium

Premium includes:

  • 1 Wireless Controller
  • 20 Gig HD
  • Headset
  • Component Video & Normal
  • Ehternet Cable for X-Box 360

Rihab Package (240 KD)

  • 4 controller
  • 2 games
  • xbox 360 premium

X-Box 360 Games: 20 KD per game.

All this from Game Station on the first floor of Rihab Complex, and tell them this is what they told you on the phone, because they change every time someone talks to them. Tell them how cheap it is at Virgin Megastore in Marina Mall.