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I had to pick up some bed sheets, a duvet, pillows, and pillows cases for the shalaih. Basically everything needed for a bed, and IKEA seemed to be a good place to pick that up. Someone told me I would find all that stuff on the ground floor! So I decided to go last minute on Thursday before heading to the shalaih since I didnt have a chance all week.

One thing they have a problem with at IKEA is the lack of parking! Really very little parking what so ever! I know they are building a HUGE IKEA at the new mall the Avenues, but I hope they have covered parking included in the equation! So I was driving slowly just to give people time to get to their cars and just my luck when I turned the corner I managed to find a parking spot and parked! I know I pissed off a lot of people behind me because I was driving slow but I didnt care! hehe!

There are two primal urges that I have when I walk into IKEA! Two very strong urges which are hard to resist! One is to eat all the freshly made corn cobs! Damn it smells so good, if I was full I would suddenly become hungry! I dont know what they have in them but damn it smells amazing! Secondly I want to jump into that ball room with all this kids! I dont care! I want to dive in head first so that I could hide underneath all the balls while I wait in fear of someone who will jump on me or I could scare somebody half to death rising out of the lake of balls like a monster out of a lagoon! hehehehe!

When I got all my stuff I was happy find out that I could get a discount with my NBK card. This is how I found out. Cashier “Sir do you have an IKEA card” Me “No, but I think I could pay with my NBK card. hehehe” Cashier “Ok yes that can work also Sir, Thank you” Me “huh?”. Then I got the 6% discount after trying to be funny! hehehe!

And the bedsheets and all that I bought came out to be just right!