One Camera Working!

Note: Look for Black Suzuki Vitara parked on the side of the road.

I was driving back from the Shalaih in the Landcruiser going around 160Kph and I see someguy walking on the right shoulder just after Julai’a. I thought I would stop and help him if something is wrong. An extra pair of hands make a tire change quick. So I was looking at him then suddenly (CHICK) an orange flash went off! I was pissed! But then i pulled over after a bit and unscrewed my front license plate and kept cruising at 160kph, and none of the three stationary cameras took a picture!

Damn it! hehehe! Lesson Learned! hehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the suzukis!
    they always use them!
    whenever i see them parked by the side of the road i slow down!
    the funny thing that the suziku thing stuck with me, even when i am in saudi and see one of those parked on the side of the road, i slow down, as there are no cameras in al shargiyah!!!

    anyways, what happened to this?

  2. Yazeed: Cyber asked me the same question! Im still jotting down locations of each of these places, but I have a bigger project in mind! hehehe! I got me a GPS handheld so I am right down the gps co-ordinantes of where these are located! But it takes soooommmeee time! to do it! And I hate those VITARAS!

  3. Dude i told you check with Nibaq, he has like 60+ radar cameras with their GPS coordinates. You guys should get together

  4. I have every single radar camera from Wafra to Abdaly.

  5. Mark: I have an application in mind!

    nibaq: How long did it take you? Its taking me sometime. I only stop and take the coordinants when I can.

  6. Nothing beats getting speeding tickets for going 20km over the speed limit on 80kph limit roads LOL :/

    That’s my only saving grace LOL! Hhehehehehe :/

    Damn how am I going to explain it, wait I’ll just pretend to be oblivious!

  7. Jotting them down is last year .. I am working on completely jamming them.

  8. Jackie: that sucks! just act like you werent driving!

    K: the jotting down is good, but what are you planning to use to jam? I got a few ideas.. but they are expensive ass products!

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