Mini Icecream



Im not a sweets type person, but Brownies and Chocolate Moose always look so good to me. But my real weak spot is icecream. And I found this little mini icecream the other day when I was visiting my cousin! And damn it was good! Its like a mini gold cone! I couldnt get enough of it! There were like millions of them! I wanted more! I kept finishing one in three to four bites! hehehehe! I got a brain freeze a couple of times, but it was worth it because it tasted so damn good! hehehe! And after visiting him last week and the week before I finish all that he had! mwahahahahaha!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mark: I dont know! I just saw these! I will ask him where he got them from!

  2. Hmmm need to stock my mini fridge with those in my room LOL! Yes I know I’ve got a mini fridge and you don’t NANANANANABOBOOBOBOBO! :P Tehehehehe boob :P

  3. your tooooooooo smaaaaaaart it was the norton firewall hahahaaaaa

  4. Laialy: I will find out where he got them and I will post the location! Mini-Gold for everyone! hehehe! Experience has taught me to look at the firewalls first! lol!

    Jackie: It needs to be in a freezer! Not a fridge! hehehe! So tough luck!

  5. they sell them at the co-ops, or since you’re in IKEA so often, just get them from the KDD factory in shwaikh :P
    i think they got mini sandwich ice-cream too.. cant remember, but i remember the whole box of mini’s goes for 1 kd

  6. extinct: JACKPOT! hehehe! I shall be getting some!

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