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Review: Empire of the Wolves


This movie is a French movie staring Jean Reno, and a few other French stars. It starts off as a Noir type movie set in Paris. And the main character in this movie is Paul Nerteaux (Jocelyn Quivrin) who is trying to solve a bunch of sirial murders in his hands. The movie starts off in two seperate parts, and then slowly starts putting itself back together. And then there is Anna Heymes (Arly Jover) who is having mental problems from the beginning of the movie. During all this the Turkish Mafia is causing havoc in Paris and people are getting out of their way. There are a lot part to this movie coming together, and for a while you will be jumping back and forth, and its a bit confusing. The characters themselves are really good, and you reall get involved with them. Jean Reno is the old school cop who was thrown out of the police force for some dirty work, and different investigational tactics. Jean and Jocelyn play the good and bad cop really well, the expert and rookie. The one part that kept confusing me is that they didnt tie the stories together until later. The story itself was a bit too jumpy for too long, I thought the story was one thing until I saw that it all tied together in a different way. I think they tied too many stories together for this movie so they couldnt go in depth into one or two stories, so things kept changing and you kept getting introduced to new characters and too many questions are left. Thats why Im giving this movie a 2.5 out of 5.

Link: IMDB