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Last Mile Problem


I read this article about solutions to the last mile problem in the US. And the idea that is being proposed is very practical, but it has its ramifications as mentioned in the article. And i thought it would be fantastic if the Co-ops in Kuwait would think about this idea. Because the Co-ops in Kuwait make a gigantic amount of money. If they would take it upon themselves to upgrade the fiber-optic network in each of their respective areas then we wouldnt have to deal with the ministery of information’s crap.

The way they would get the revenue back is by taking a fee from the ISP for usage of their fiberoptic for each user on the network. So 0.500KD per user on a monthly basis, and this would be consistent income and a rising consistent income. They would get their money back in no time. And that way every area would be independent of the other, we wouldnt have to wait for one area or the other. I think that would be a fantastic idea. But I know this really wouldnt happen in Kuwait, because there are too many complications and then too many people would want a piece of the pie who wouldnt have anything to do with it. But in reality this would help solve a lot of problems! Its just a reworked idea to fit Kuwait from the article.

Link: ArsTechnica