Review: Entricote

I went with four friends to the soft opening of this restaurant. I dont find furniture to my liking, I think its too French for Kuwait’s atmosphere. It just felt a bit stuffy, and they were over doing it a bit. But that aside lets go to the menu.

They have some interesting drinks, its like a grape drink and something different as well and they recommended it. The menu has one thing on the menu! Salad and Steak with french fries for 8KD. And that was it on the menu. So we just specified how we wanted the meat cooked. I asked for it medium rare, a friend wanted medium, and the other two wanted medium well. I really dont understand every Kuwaitis obssession with medium well or well done food!! There is no blood its just the juice and a little bit of red. And its very juicy if you ask for it medium or medium rare.

We got the salad, and I have to say the salad was extremely good! It was so good I used the bread to wipe the sauce of the plate! I couldnt get enough of it. And the meat was really good as well, and with the french fries. This is the real Entricote unlike the one at the Fanar. The sauce reminded of the Entricote in San Francisco. I really recommend this for people who want to a good steak and fries! And there are two private rooms for who ever needs them and there is ample seating.

The restaurant is located at Arjan Complex on the seaside opposite Rumaithiya. And this restaurant is part of the Entricote Chain belonging to Switzerland, which is the same one in San Francisco. Unlike the Entricote which is in Al-Fanar complex and tastes horrible. I think it is worth a visit for people who want a nice light steak, and amazing sauce and salad.

I gave it 4 out of 5 because I didnt like the furniture and music that much, but that is my personal preference.

2 mins after the food arrived, alitt was taken from the left


After 5 mins

The combination and great taste.


Contact: 2253150

Rating: r4.01.bmp

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  1. I am going to try it next week …

    The one in Fanar is amazing! And no offense, but the pictures you posted don’t look that tasty. Chna mat3am hindi bil deera .. :P

  2. It’s l’Entrecote :-) Not Entricote LOL! heheh

    In Paris, there’s no such thing as “well done meat”. I was having dinner with an egyptian friend of mine, who returned her steak back twice, complaining that it was still “bloody” after she had asked for it to be well done, and in the end I was like “Girl, just eat it, cause they do not do ‘well done’ in France. What you have IS well done to them”.

    I went to the one in downtown beirut, and loved it! It reminded me of my years in Paris.

    I had a “kuwaiti” boss who went the Fanar one and complained that all they had was steak and salad! I was thinking “you… IDIOT!” hehehe i didnt like him very much, can u tell?

    But yes, I agree, Kuwait is toooo Americanized to enjoy French finess:-)


  3. K: LOOOL!!!! I know! But the camera I had at the time is horrible at low lighting! Im usually better at taking pics, but I just wanted to put the review up! But honestly I think its a lot better then the Fanar!

    The Grenadine: I know what you mean! for some reason they think its blood! ITS NOT! you would be sick! the meat is just pink! And the one in Fanar isnt even comparable to this one! Try it out and you will like it! But it isnt about french cuisine, arabs just seem to like their meat burned! they dont know what they are missing!

  4. emmmmm Yum I love this place.. it’s the best !!!

  5. mashallah you hoovered the stuff :P 5 minutes and the plate looks like that :p mashallah mashallah tif tif bil3afyah marzouq :D

  6. DiiGMaa: its pretty good!

    extinct: alah e3afeech! hehehe! and please.. i vacumed it! hehehe!

  7. moocherx

    i’m sure if you asked a frenchman he’d laugh if you thought steak and fries represented “french finesse”
    so it’s probably just perfect for kuwait….

  8. Dude u reallylike ur steak.. u know it is just behind my house and i havn’t tried it yet.. i wanna go there sometime really soon :D

  9. moochrex: the french laugh at anyone who isnt french.. I know I got that short end of the stick before! they love seeing lost tourists and not helping them! hehehe! But the food is pretty good!

    fractal: I love steak, but this isnt even close to what I love. Its just good for Kuwait.

  10. I like my steak well done just to avoid any food poisonings, but usually I’m getting it burned?

  11. Pearls: you get food poisoning from fish, shrimp, and things of that nature rather than meat. And the quality depends on the place!

  12. your way of describing the place is very tempting for me to try it out.. i even called the resturat to book a table for 4 tonight.. but make sure you take a better pic than the one posted..

    thanks dude

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