Work Computer!

My work computer has been on for 19 Days 2 Hours 11 mins and 18 seconds.

And now its acting all funny and stuff! Its really slow sometimes.. and then its spits out all the words as if I just held the button down for each letter. Im just going to keep going to see how crazy it gets! hehehe!

Its screwing up when I type, and making my gmail chat connection worthless! And sometimes there is a rediculous delay! Probably restart tommorow! hehe! But we will see!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Laialy: gonna what happens tommorow! hehehe!

  2. And it’s got 120938129380192 tabs on as well :/

    I can never function that way I have to know what my tabs are LOL! :P Hehehehe

    You however tend to amaze me!

  3. one of my SOLARIS & AIX server is UP & RUNNING for the last 488 days! but desktop, ohh no…. I am a change acceptance tester in the corp: and I get new / unverified Sms pushes which makes me restart atleast every 6 days….

  4. Cyber: I miss my Solaris from Uni! I dont remember how long I didnt turn off our test computers! They were built heavy duty machines! We used them for testing all the time and never a problem!

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