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I usually do this! I save up my orders from Amazon! I dont know who else does this. I mean that I want a lot of stuff from amazon so I just keep adding it to my cart. Usually just DVDs, some books, and maybe some electronics if Im lucky. This time I had about 30 DVDs I wanted to get and a few books! After waiting two months I have managed to place the order at last! And damn it felt good! Now I cant wait to get that sms telling me I have stuff in my mailbox! And they are coming in 5 different packages! The best part is ripping those boxs open!

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  1. why dont you create wishlists and add them there? I have a wishlist for DVDs, a wishlist for CDs, a wishlist for Electronics etc..

  2. I just started my ditching of Aramex and onto USWS :r

  3. I KNOW THE EXACT FEELING. I had a bunch of cds on my wishlist, I decided to check them out the other day, and thought, HECK YA I’M GONNA CLICK THE ORDER BUTTON!

    feels great, feels greater when you want to have it delivered to the office lol.

  4. I always do the same. I’d rather order in bulk instead of individual products. It’s such a rush getting loads of stuff at once. I don’t get the same feeling from a single purchase. Think there’s a support group for people like us?

  5. :D … i can’t wait till i can feel that rush … :D :D:D:D:D:D …. USHOPWESHIP doesn’t support any kind of bank card other than NBK so i just have to wait till i get enough money to open up another account and then the buying shall begin :D

  6. Mark: I didnt find out about the different wish lists until recently! Because my first wish list had a ton of anime some games, a lot of books, and random electronics! So it was a mess and I stopped using it! But now I will start using it more often because you can customisw wish lists!

    Jacqui: yes change!

    Sexygoba: That is EXACTLY how I felt!!!!!

    extinct: No beef jerky or any other things! They are bad and serve no purpose! a6arishlich Muchboos deyaay! hehehehe!

    Tinwsy: :)

    Tooomz: I dont know if there is a support group, but my urge is satisfied when I get all the stuff! hehehehe!

    fractal: you dont need that much to open an account so, just go in and ask! but USWS is so much better!

  7. i understan man
    shopping online has something special to it, it beats traditional shopping.
    i think now, everything i buy is online, except clothes. which i will try soon :P

  8. I do that too! I usually let my list grow before I decide to place an order. If I ordered a lot of stuff I don’t like to read my list/confirmation email/etc to see what I bought. Min kithir ilstuff ili 6ilabt I actually forget what I ordered exactly lol. That way I’m even more excited and bouncey when it’s delivered:P

  9. Yazeed: Same here, I pretty much bought everything online except if I walk into a Bestbuy! they are just so nice! hehehe!

    Dandoon: LOL! U forget what you buy so you feel like its gifts to yourself! I cant forget because I cant wait for it!

  10. yes i do that alot..

    but here’s an advice, publish ur email in ur blog.. collect ur stuff into ‘my wish list’ and keep dropping hints every other post that u have an amazon wish list.

    never worked for me, but the theory is solid “reminds of michael doughlas in the gohst and the darkness when he was establishing one of his traps”

  11. vintage: hehehehe! that would be too funny! publishing my wish list on my blog! It would be all anime! lol!

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