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MTC Updates!

So MTC updated their network about two or three weeks back now. Because I remember them sending a text message that we will be getting a text message with all the new settings and to enter 1234 as the password.

Well like usual I didnt get the text message, and from that day onwards MMS, and GPRS/EDGE stopped working on both phones. One phone I have for myself is a Nokia 6280, and the other phone is an imate JasJar for work. Well the Nokia is simple enough to do the settings, but the imate is hell to configure even if they do give you the right settings. And it was going to be annoying to drive to the city to the distributer to have them set it up.

Well I called MTC to have them send me the settings for my Nokia, and then they tell me that I dont have MMS. Well I have been sending MMS up until that point a few weeks ago. Then the guy tells me he doesnt see it, I said fine add it, here is my information and send me the settings. That took about 20 mins, because he wasnt sure of the difference between GPRS and MMS so I was dealing with a genius. After that came the imate, and I know it has everything as well, and I have it on paper, because I recently got the number for work. And I had the paperwork for when I signed up. And when I called he told me that I never had MMS, but I had EDGE signed up. So I told him that I have an MTC paper in front of me with all the options selected so how come MMS was removed from my options. Then he told me he doesnt see anything, and I though it would be futile to argue with this person because he seemed clueless as well. When I told him to add it, and he asked what phone I had I told him the imate. I know how to setup the network settings for that phone, and so I told him to give me the information by phone, he said he doesnt have it but he could have it faxed. I said fine, fax it and I asked him how many pages. He told me about 2-3 pages. I went out and came back after a few hours and I went to the fax and saw a huge stack of papers. Turned out those 2-3 pages were 43 pages of the GPRS and MMS settings with the normal line and ezee line instructions, which didnt work, and my black ink ran out! I was pissed, and all I could do was take the papers to work and recycle them! Now these are the geniuses from MTC, and imate still doesnt connect. So I still have to go to the distributer to have him check the settings. The GPRS works, but the MMS doesnt. And if I try to use the MMS it will somehow make the GPRS stop working! Thank you MTC.