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Cousin DVDs

This is a pretty funny story. One of my cousins called me up and asked me to burn Prison Break all to DVD. I told I could do it but it would take me about a day or two. He said fine. So I burned the DVDs, it took me two days because I was lazy to start the first day! hehehe! I thought he was in the UAE at the time so I dropped off the DVDs at my aunts house so they would send it to him there. Since he currently lives there. That is what I was thinking.

Next day he calls me telling me that DVDs have been confiscated by DHL, and I told him why were they confiscated! What the hell is that! Then I found out that he was in the states and his work forwaded the DVDs to the states for him, and DHL said that this is bootleg material and confiscated it! I was laughing my ass off, but I told him why doesnt he buy the whole series from the states, but it turns out that they didnt have the full season of Prison Break come out until yesterday. If I knew the DVDs were going to be sent to the states I would have told him that they would have confiscated it! hehehe