Work Computer ….

Well I thought it was reaching its end and I was right! It reached the end!

20 Days 23 Hours and 19 minutes! It said ran out of Virtual Memory! Not bad for a windows machine!

Firefox crashed. Lucky I have session saver. And when I restarted it said the hard disk failed. So I did a hard shutdown, and waited a bit before restarting it. Now its back to normal! hehehe!

I love abusing this computer!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Pearls: hahahaha! Rami has rubbed off on you! I treat my servers a lot better!

    K: LOL!

  2. it’s really inhumane … lol. I think it’s getting to me!

  3. loooool

    does your work place know about your blog :p

  4. Pearls: LOOL!

    Laialy: I think a few people do, but thats about it! hehehe! As long as I get the job done everything is ok!

  5. That rocks ;P My computer is always on at home, however it restarts itself when it updates windows and that pisses me off but oh well :P

  6. Jackie: I have the windows update on notify only, it wont do anything without my permission!

    chai-7aleeb: kha6aak el laassh!!

  7. Now I know y my computer keeps switchin off by itself every couple of weeks…

  8. 7asafaa :p

    i was ganna blackmail you :pppPPpp (JK)

  9. frigg

    you need to switch to mac. its a refreshing change and works well for the office too.

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